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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Before I start sewing the 2nd of two living room draperies, I wanted errrrr, um, more like begged my sweet cheeks to tear down the hurricane shutters on the outside porch side of the window, so I could scrub the windows!

Reason I begged, was because, we've taken down the patio door hurricane shutter before, several times, and knew just how heavy they are, AND how awkward they are to dismount and rehang! In other words, a day's chore! And they are HEAVY with a capital "H"!

Well, it turned out just that way---we started around 8:30 in the morning, and even tho Bud has the power tools to get a job done easily and quickly....these bolts, tiny as a kernel of corn and rusted into the window frames, are the PITS to get out, even when we saturated them with a 'special' oil to loosen rusted bolts!! They were stubborn and didn't want to budge an inch!! A big power struggle. And it was a fight to the finish, but we won, with a few bruises and knuckles knicked and bloodied. By the time, we took the two down, washed the windows and dear hubby power-hosed the shutters of dust, dirt, rain spots [and TWO wasp nests in the dark corners!]---we rehung them late in the afternoon...the whole process being about 8 hours.

The windows remained open so we could catch a draft from the inside of the house's air-conditioning---it turned out to be quite a sultry day by mid afternoon....But, when I came indoors with a finished project on our hands---there were the kitties: Admiring a view they haven't seen much 'til now. This is the window that has been covered by the entertainment center for two years!!!! And no light from there, being dark and all ---the kitties couldn't get behind it to the window sill before.

Now, today or perhaps tomorrow [I'm a bit sore this morning--but by later in the day when the muscles are worked more, Who Knows?!!] I'll grab the brocade from the window above the kitties, here in the picture, and make the drapery for that window.

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  1. It's too bad I can't witness the American surprise tomorrow - I won't be around. =(

    Anyway, thanks for the April Fool's Day reminder! I didn't realise it was that time of the year again! =O