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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Well, to get myself away from my brother's birthday funk today [see poetry dedicated to my big brother below this post], I've been down all morning after I read on my calendar that today would have been my brother's 70th birthday had he not died.

Anyway, last night was the Super Bowl of course. I actually didn't need to watch the game since my football team, the Denver Broncos, wasn't in it. But yet, the half time program had PRINCE slated as the guest performer, I've always like his voice and songs --not necessarily his looks, but his songs were always quite good. So, even tho I had a $50 bet going with my son in Houston, I found myself more or less looking forward to the half time entertainment AND the coveted new commercial slots.

And other than two cute commercials the new ones left a big void! Nothing really special. The one I had never seen before was cute ---

Click Here for Commercial Video

It made me laugh. I love to laugh. And really, wouldn't you like to plug him in? Mice? They're creepy critters...and full of diseases---plug him in...plug him in!!!! [Oops!!! That's a whole different product commercial, isn't it? Glade Plug Ins? rofl] The commercial with the 'new mouse' was online movie ordering for Blockbuster Videos.

Oh, and I'm happy the Colts won. Remember when they were BALTIMORE Colts with Johnny Unitas? Wow...I'm old.


  1. Anni, I am so sorry about your being down but I can see why!! You will be okay...these type of anniversaries are hard ones to get through but you need to remember that this is life. We all have to deal with this in some way. It is hard!! I guess everyone deals in a different way too.
    We were for DA BEARS because we are from Illinois and PROUD of it too!! You have to admit that first touchdown was something else and I DO NOT WATCH football. Last night was the FIRST football game that I have watched all the way through!! My hubby was of course disappointed but he said that at least his BEARS made it there. We were just happy to see them there!!
    Take care today..get out and do something fun!! Sandy

  2. ROFL! That commercial IS cute! hehehe... And yep - I DO remember when WEEEEE owned the Colts! And I have Johnny U's autograph! Yes I DO! But NOT from when he was actually a player... I got it much later... he became a salesman (as so many do) and used to pedal his wares at the communications firm I worked for. The first time he came in I snagged his autograph! He was a real sweety!

  3. I really liked that commercial as well. It seemed like the commercials were a bit disappointing this year. I was said the Bears lost though...but I have to say, it was a good game.


  4. Well, I didn't see the game nor the commercials! I really don't feel like I missed anything though. And I do remember the Baltimore Colts and Johnny Unitas too!!! My husband's aunts and uncles are all in Baltimore so we were fans BEFORE the move! He was pulling for DA BEARS.

    Thanks for visiting me today. I've added a post.

  5. OH YEA...congrats on your nominations!!!

  6. hi Anni....thx for stopping by...sending hugs from Canada, since I do the same as you...I remember on significant anniversaries. It's always sad that these special people are no longer here to celebrate with me. And I can't even tell you that it gets easier. Well, it sort of does, but it's never easy.

  7. I didn't even think the commercials were that good. Looks like I didn't miss anything.

    But you miss your brother, and your poem was beautiful.

  8. Evening dear Anni,

    Like you I didn't watch the BIG GAME either....since our Steelers were such a disappointment this year, I didn't see any reason to. As for Prince, I did part of his performance and thought he was terrific as always.

    Nice video....poor little mousey!! LOL...

    What a lovely memory of your brother....I really enjoyed your poem. Wish I could express myself so well..

    Have a lovely evening, dear lady!

  9. Hi Anni

    I've come over via the Over 50 Blog and I'm having a look at all on the blogroll.

    I'm sorry you were feeling down over your late brother, but it's understandable.

    Enjoy the rest of your week and thank you for getting Over 50 going.