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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out


I had problems the other day trying to leave comments in other peoples' blogs. And other blogspot blogs are very slow to load lately!!! Now today, for hours---I've been trying to update a page element in the new, once beta version, of blogger, and it sits idle for a long period....nothing happens!! After about 20 minutes of snacking time away from the computer, I return to once again click on 'save' ---still idle!!

I even went to the blogger help groups, and upon getting in to read the posts, I joined, just so I could let them know the temperament of their new system sucks!!!!

No, really! Sucks. I know, I know, a beggar shouldn't be a choser, but this is getting ridiculous. Why did they change it all over in the first place is what I'd like to know.....the saying goes something like this: "Why fix it if it isn't broken?"

If you want my opinion, sometimes improvements and upgrades don't work. I hope soon, they'll have the cause figured out and get it all mended!!!


  1. I only got one comment, and that is - If it ain't broken, don't fix it!
    Sorry to hear about all the wasted time!
    I hate when they do stuff like that!
    Huge hugs

  2. I haven't had nearly the problems today that I had on Friday. I think the whole system is rather fragile.
    Frustrating at best!

  3. Yea... Here! Here! I'll second that!

  4. Yeh! it is so mddening sometimes Anni...I finally took my word check off. If I get bad mail, I will just delete it that's all!!