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I think of you in silence.
Yet, most always speak your name.
I have and hold fond memories,
'n your picture's within a golden frame.

I think of you, with special love;
I always hold you in my heart.
Five days into February -a special day
For years, we'd celebrate t'gether;
now I drop and pray!
And still, I weep; for you've left us--
Both now so, so far apart!

Chosen as my guardian angel.
Watching me from your place of rest.
Heaven just hasta be a beautiful place;
For God takes only the very best.

So, please God, I ask, look after him.
Don’t let my brother walk alone.
Broken, is the little sister's heart-
Still God, my brother now You own.

You'll always be my favorite big brother.
I miss your laughter and playing with me in the rain.
I see your face today and hope and pray
that someday, someday we'll meet again.

~written and posted by Hootin' Anni [your little sister] ©2007


Today, February 5th, 2007, my brother would have celebrated his 70th birthday
He died from a blood clot to his brain two years ago last December.
Tho, for several years, he became the 'estranged' brother for us all---
My memories of growing up as the younger 'baby' sister he was always there, protecting me.
Until he divorced and moved out of state, we were best of buds!! Close as close that we could be.

He taught me many things that only a big brother could. How to drive, how to respect and use a gun properly[ya, he was the great white hunter], how to play billiards, shoot baskets, fish, even how to pick locks! LOL -- I learned a lot from him. How to laugh, how to have good relations with other to live.

He served in the United States Marine Corps during the last years of the Korean Conflict
and I can still remember the day he walked into our back yard unannounced, of his homecoming.
I was at the kitchen window, doing dishes, atop a step ladder, so I could reach the sink!
I can still see his brown khaki USMC uniform and his military duffle back slung over his shoulder.

I recall I screamed, and broke a few glasses jumping down to rush out and hug my big brother once again!!


  1. Hi Anni
    A lovely tribute to a much loved brother on his Birthday.
    I do understand your sorrow As I lost my Darling Husband 2 years ago last October 7. See my special post on side bar.and my very 1st Entry to Blogging (june archives)...(((HUGS)))

  2. Oh Anni, this is so lovely. What a wonderful tribute to your brother. Always remember, that though he may not be with you on earth, he is in your heart. This much is evident in this poem.

    Bless you hon, and may you find some peace.


  3. Beauuuuutiful Anni... and what special memories! Your brother sounds like he was quite a guy! (and shares some similarities with my own) I think all soldiers have that desire to show up unannounced ONE TIME! My own brother did it and I had pretty much the same reaction you did! And Amanda always "wanted to" ... but could never pull it off! But the whole time she was gone I was always waiting for her to just walk in that door! (they just LOVE to do it!) Anyway... I DO understand your funk sweety... I think going to see that movie is a good idea.

  4. It's a beautiful and very touching poem. Thank you for openly sharing your love for your brother. It's a great tribute.

  5. It is heartwarming to read your poem and your memories of your brother. I am excited that you have so many memories to wrap him around you with.

  6. Anni, this is truly beautiful. When we're young it seems like we'll all live forever, and then all of a sudden we arrive at the age when our parents have gotten old and we lose loved ones. I wrote about Daddy on April 15 and my brother on October 19, just in case you're interested.

    Your poem is a lovely tribute to someone who was obviously a great person. Thank you for the really nice comment you left me today.

  7. This is such a touching poem Hootin'Anni..My little brother went to heaven ten year ago at the age of 34 and we still miss him so much!!
    This was such a lovely moving posting that you have shared.

    Take care now... I just wanted to say howdy to you before I head off to work..

    I couldn't hear your cheerful music. I will ciome back tomorrow.....Love from the Canadian Blogger Terry

  8. This was very special to me - thanks for sharing with all. I've been trying desperately to heal a rift with my brother and it isn't working. Life does throw some hard balls now again, doesn't it?