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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

For the last three days, after hubby and I took down the books and bookshelves last week [I got a couple of 'before shots' --then the batteries went 'dead' and I didn't have time to go get new ones until yesterday], I've been painting the computer room/library! It went from white to Old Hickory brown! And it's an amazing difference. It's now very warm and cozy looking---tho smaller looking. We both like the effect it gives the area tho.

Back is so sore, and legs ache from climbing the ladder and lifting the heavy shelving and then the books and rearranging them on the shelves.




  1. That's quite a transformation and a very nice one, too! No wonder you're tired after moving all those books.

  2. deslily2/02/2007

    OMG!... have you read all those books?!! I think I'm jealous that someone can find that many books of interest!!!!
    (any of those fantasy fiction???)

  3. Ohhhhhhhh Anni! It's WONDERFUL! Yes, indeed! Brown was definately the way to go! VERRRRY WARM!!! I love it!

  4. I really like the color!! That is quite a transformation for sure!

  5. Oh it's beautiful Anni! I love it!!!! I love all of the books too. Goodness I could spend months in there reading without coming up for air!!

    And are all of those mermaids on the shelf?

  6. Hi Anni,
    The room looks great with the color change!! I always have light colors in my house.I am not a person for boldness.My daughter does her house with great colors, and I like it.I need to post some pictures of my house. Baba

  7. So your a star gazing, pirate (johnny Depp fan), Mermaid, Book fan?
    It looks great, it took me all last weekend to clear out my room, bin bag galore!