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Wordless Wednesday photo below this entry.

Yesterday, online friends and I were chatting about family origins and coats of arms. I thought I'd do an online surname search for our Irish families' crests.

Here is mine:

Origin Displayed: Irish
First found in counties Tipperary, Offaly, Monaghan and Louth, where they were seated from very ancient times. Victory over the Danes in 1014.


Hubby's name:

Origin Displayed: Irish
First found in county Tyrone where they held a family seat from ancient times. From Northern Ireland Royalty.


Family's Tartans


...and Hubby's


And doing my genealogy, searching maiden names of ancestors from the 1600's to the 1800's, I find that we also have Scot, German and French lineage.


  1. This is neat! I might just have to go see what MY family's name brings up! Those sweaters are really pretty! I want one!

    And honestly -- I had to refresh 6 times to get ALL the pictures to load today! (once for each one!) But... when I was done - I got to see the Barbaro pic from yesterday's post! *nod*

  2. Well Anni ... this is a HOOT! Your sweater and MY sweater are the SAME!!! Imagine that...

  3. How interesting! I had no idea about the designated stitches for the sweaters, although I had heard of different plaids for different families.

  4. Ohhh, my crest is the same as your hubby's!!... birth name: McCormick. (pretty Irish huh?! haha)

  5. great post...what site did you use??

  6. I really enjoyed reading this, Anni. Love your family crests and tartans. I'll have to put mine up one of these days.

    Hubby's home and doing well.


  7. My partner has the surname Condie, and he has taken his genealogy trace back so far to Scotland in 1590, his tartan is the MacLeod.

    Interesting to have this sort of history, sadly my paternal trace would stop somewhere back in a slave colony...


  8. So that's why I love to come here! It's this joyful Irish attitude ;-)

    We went to Ireland in June last year and the years before that to Scotland. Beautiful countried both of them and with sooooo very nice and friendly people! We just love them!

    Ah, lucky you. I love these kind of things, but has no such ancestors :-) I don't know much about my fathers side unfortunately.

  9. Hi Hootin' anni...Bernie is pure Scotch. I will have to look up his Tartan. His mom was an Anderson and his dad a Shirkie.. both were from Glasgow, Scotland.
    Me? Why to be sure and I am a Heinz 57!!!...Hsve a good night...Love Terry

  10. HI ANNI
    Love your Aran Knits I knitted a simlar one to yours many moons ago for hubby. didnt relize there were different one's for clans i did know of the Different tartans .