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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Today in America, we salute and give remembrance to Martin Luther King.
He had a dream.....

Civil Rights for all minorities is still something that needs mending.
In some areas of the United States the 'white' populace is quickly becoming a minority.
ALL men are created equal.
....or so our country tells us.

But in honor of today, I give thanks for a great man for following his dream...
Yet, my hero isn't Dr. King. I think a dear woman who showed us that
we are one ----came down back that day in December, 1955!

Miss Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat to a white man, on a bus in Montgomery Alabama.
Her refusal, actions and trial triggered Martin Luther King to support a boycott AND
become a national figure for civil rights.

I think if it weren't for Ms. Parks heroic effort of refusal that one wintry day in Alabama---
well, where would we be today?!!--------------


  1. It makes me sad that to most children, in America, all Dr. King means now is a day off from school.

  2. I was 5 years old when MLK was killed so I really don't remember that day plus here in Canada we weren't really aware of what was going on in the States as much. Eventually I learned about him and Ms. Parks at school and through television programs...two great people that made a difference. Just a shame there is still some work to be done. Hugs xox

  3. I agree that Miss Parks was truly heroic and I have always admired her courage.

  4. Well, I have VERY fond memories of Dr. King... but I agree that Rosa Parks was truly an inspirational soul too! And what STRENGTH and fortitude she had to stand up for herself - and all blacks - back in that day! Great post Anni!

    (and LOOK! CHI has been here!) :)

  5. I really enjoyed your tribute today. I remember what a quiet force Rosa Parks was. Leave it to a WOMAN to lead the way!

    Hugz and thanks (as always) for stopping by.


  6. We're going to be reading about Rosa Parks in my 10th grade class soon!
    Thanks for this!