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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out


I'm all for improving the system. And anything that will assist the police force in keeping the drunken drivers off the streets is a thing these days that really needs help.

A couple of years ago, that's just what happened. A drunken driver out on the night's city streets ---result of course, killing an innocent 18 year old. The drunken driver? A mere 23 year old!

What I'm getting at, there was a trial. The driver was found guilty of intoxication manslaughter and ordered by the district judge to pay the kin $5, 000.00! Along with 10 years probation, with the stipulation he cannot drive HIS vehicle without having a breathalyzer test --that the breathalyzer is hooked to his locked steering wheel. Along with the above mentioned he must spend six months in a substance abuse treatment facility which is operated by the Texas Deapartment of Criminal Justice, afterwards to live in a halfway house for another minimum of 6 months!

Now, previously, the drunken driver was convicted and sentenced to 15 years along with the $5,000.00 fine. In the interim he was granted a new trial...which resulted in the above sentences.

Now, what my thought on this is, very lenial. And way too easy on the 'criminal'. The new trial re-enactment showed the jury that even tho he was intoxicated, a driver with no alcohol intake could have done the same---there was proven no reaction time to the scene of the death. Okay, maybe so.

Again, that's not my thoughts for today---just a recap of why it's leading me to my Thursday's Thoughts.

And here it is....
If the police department actually DOES have HIS VEHICLE'S steering wheel locked and it will not unlock properly until the breathalyzer is recorded and okayed through computers at the station ----they then can 'unlock' the wheel. All good. Yes? NO!! I don't think so!!!

Thinking in criminal terms here....isn't it possible to have a really good friend at his side ---taking the test for him? I'm sure there is not quick way that this breathalyzer will actually have a saliva testing along with a DNA match!!! Do they? Dunno....this was not divulged to the laymen. But if the DNA testing is like any of the ones I've seen on Discovery, it takes a long time for a match.

Come on!! Yes, again, there is a great need to keep them off the roads --they ARE killers! But this locking the steering wheel and breath testing before it's unlocked, well ---to me it's just not feasible. There are too many ways that one on probation can once again break the laws and get out there on the streets to kill again!!!


  1. Well... I agree SOME people might finagle a way around it... but at least they (the police force) is trying SOMETHING! Ya have to TRY things... I'm sure in time statistics will show whether it's a good solution or not.

  2. I absolutely have little tolerance for anyone driving under the influence & feel that his sentence was far too light. I am pleased by the new commercials though...driving buzzed is the same as driving drunk...I just wishe people would use designated drivers more.

    Believe it or not, my Thursday Thoughts are up. *s*

  3. There were NO indications the drunk driver didn't try to in NO skid marks, etc.? And this didn't come out in the first trial? Good thing I wasn't on that trial.

  4. I can only thank whoever is in charge of us, that it never happened to me - and in honesty I have to say, it could have, ashamed as I am to admit that when I was younger, much younger, I never gave a thought to the consequences - just not to get caught -

    It's not the only learned wisdom I wish I could pass on to the younger generation either.