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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out


Tho I and hubby are retired, and luckily need not worry about income....I wonder.

Just recently, the lovely Senate decided it was high time to raise the minimum wage in the United States. I see by doing some research that this is the first time since 1997!! What gives? I ask over and over to myself, why is our government so dead set on supporting the people who run the government, but are most always unwilling to help the commoners?

Minimum wage was raised to $5.15 an hour in 1997. The proposed hike for 2007 (again, a long time between hikes is beyond me when the cost of living doesn't slow down to keep up with minimum wage earners!!)---anyway, the hike is now a wallopin' $7.25 an hour?

Sad thing is, hardly any employer will hire someone for $7.25 an hour and keep them full time[from 20 hours part-time to more to make a full-time] employees because of the cost of insuring a full time worker! So, even if I do my math; forty hours a week @ $7.25 per hour ---that's a mere $290 a week. Multiply that by four weeks in a month ---hmmmmmm, $1160 a month. WITHOUT taking any tax to support our government and social security; yet----most house payments are above this. How do families make it?

It's sad!!!


Hubby, reading a book called "Historic Ranches of the Old West" brings an astounding point. A ranch hand was making $208 a MONTH....but room and board was included. Were they better off than our times? I'm not sure. Yes, they had to work long hard frills that we are accustomed to today, but the money was clear.

Is the minimum wage for 2007 a fair wage? Again, I'm not thinking it is. When you know your congressmen and senators are making a fortune and always voting themselves a raise!!

Now, on another note: I get a kick out of thumbing through the books about the old west. [I've oftentimes wondered why Wyoming is called the Cowboy state when I think it shoulda been Texas as the Cowboy state....heck, even California had more cowboys than Wyoming!!!] Anyway, off track there for a sec---here are some fun items I came across from the same book mentioned above:

Hound Ears .... strips of sourdough fried in a dutch oven
Texas Butter .... Flour, cream gravy
Saddle Blankets .... Pancakes
Swamp Seed .... rice
Pecos Strawberries .... beans
Lumpy Dick .... boiled pudding
Spotted Pup ....rice, raisins, cinnamon pudding

[It fascinates me to read things like this---and wonder how Spotted Pup became Rice Pudding in our times.]


  1. I just digged a little in your blog to know you better and I saw this post about wages ! Gee that's real bad, in Waterloo a cleaning woman gets 8 € /h net in the pocket (1 € is a little more than 1 $) and pensions are not so bad either especially when both worked. But here too everybody complains because prices are getting up but salaries remain the same for years !

  2. I find it interesting myself that no one seems to care about the common folks. I don't know how they can make it either. And the reason most folks don't have insurance is because they work for people too cheap to get it for them. I liked the food items too. Always nice to learn more about what people call things.