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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out


Seems I'm on a wild animal drive this week. Canaries, coyotes and now pandas? Well, guess you could say there is an animal lover livin' here at Hootin' Anni's. Me!!

And I love pandas. Everything about them. I've watched all kinds of webcams this past couple of years at national zoos and so much of it is breath-taking. And to watch the gentle giants nurture and care for the small infants....with just the mildest touches and motherly grunts and just brings tears to my eyes. Again, nature at its finest...even tho it's not out in the wild. Thing is, maybe there is hope for survival of such beauties as the panda, even if it is in enclosed areas where they are protected and not hunted down.

With Sunday, I always like to add a bit of pleasurable somethings for the week's beginning (or week's end if you'd prefer). Something that can make me smile and face another day. The news media through television, radio and computer is filled with so much of it as hate and killings and wars, and deaths, and just unnecessary marlarchy that has become so mundane and disheartening, I search out something happy or something that is cheerful.

And as you guessed, if you're here reading...this week, I start off with a big o' smile. Reading about Panda Romance!!

Seems they like to get in the mood for romance with a good ol' side of Panda flicks!!

Being that they are considered poor breeders by nature, this showing of male panda DVD in love making works. And believe it or works in China, the pandas natural habitat. They're talking about exporting the panda mating movies to other countries. I say ---if it works!!! Go for it!!!

GO GET 'EM TIGER YangYang!!!!

[click for a much larger view]

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  1. Thanks for the comment and come back anytime. I like your blog, especially the panda story.

    Am I correct that you're in TX?

    Oh, I crochet too or used to before my vision started giving me problems and even the bifocals don't help much.

  2. Hi,
    I just saw your comment over at Alissa's and decided to pop over and meet you!
    I hope you'll say hello the next time you visit my site (I see you have a link to me) I love meeting new people and hope we'll be friends!

  3. You know, I've always found pandas to be fascinating too. This was an interesting article....enjoyed reading it.

    It's cold and snowing here today...

    Be talking to ya on the boards!

    Hugz, dear lady!

  4. Just yesterday I was watching a show on tv and they were talking about this very thing...about showing panda sex movies to get them in the mood! lol They were also putting this male panda on a diet so that the female one would feel attracted to him! lol

  5. ROFL! That is greeeeat! Do they sneak it to them in a plain brown wrapper?

    Did that pie taste as good as it looks?