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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out


From a week ago today, I mentioned at the end of my last snippet I'd do a ditty on smart peckers! And you thought I was kidding? Well, think again.

Tho according to the article, "Spike" gets confused over the patterns and such....if anyone can witness this and not say this is one clever pecker---they're outta joint in thinking!!

Come on....Spike has my vote!
(Oh and why the name Spike? That seems almost a bit too masculine for a 'she bird', doesn't it? Maybe her owner better eat some crow!!!---Or at least nibble on that bird seed a bit---okay, okay I gotta say it---the owner of Spike is a bit of a bird brain. There, now I feel better. Got that off my chest!-------But you go Spike!!! You're one smart canary!!!)

No, I don't see any pink elephants! Do you?


  1. Goooood grief! I came in your front door THREE times this morning - the first time for a purpose - but forgot what I'd come for... the next time to read your post ... which I did - but forgot to comment! So, I'm back again! ROFL! Oh this ol' brain!

    That is one CUTE little pecker! And they ARE waaaaaay smart little creatures! I just wonder how SHE gets the needle back from the other side! ???

  2. What a fun blog you have!!! I was just blog hopping and randomly clicked myself to here. Thanks for fun music and pictures!

  3. hey you're from corpus! nice to see another texan :) thanks for visitin' my blog...

  4. HI! Just paying you a return visit -- thanks for the comment. Glad I found ya!