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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

I stopped by Insanity Prevails yesterday and read her entries for this meme and wanted to do it, here goes after keeping it in draft form last night, I am posting now:

~~FROM 10 to 1~~

* *10 Firsts* *

1. First best friend - Teri V. (But, I really don't consider anyone a 'best' friend...she and I were inseperable, but I/we had many others in the same group.
2. First car - Ford- A white one that was so out of balance it was 'friendly' to anyone on the road with me --waved to other cars going down the road!
3. First love - my puppy
4. First vacation -other than summer school vacations? Probably Idaho, that's the first one I can truly reccollect. I saw hops growing --for some reason that really sticks in my memory bank....they were SO TALL!! For such a litle kid.
5. First job - An actual 'salaried' job, it was head receptionist at the Chamber of Commerce in my hometown, 1965.
6. First piercing - probably around 1990 --I was a late bloomer too! LOL ---and then I got a 2nd piercing. So now I have 4 MORE holes added to my head than when I was born. [two in each ear lobe]
7. First concert - Righteous Brothers/5th Dimension - Washington D.C.
8. First record/cd bought - Elvis Presley's Blue Hawaii [just a wild guess here, I am not sure which one exactly, but it would have to be Elvis]--it was literally blue vinyl
9. First real love - Bobby....remember the song "I wanna be BOOBY'S GIRL"....I wrote that. LOL - No, not really, but it was very fitting with my love interest. And Bob now...not Bobby, we're still good friends
10. First screen name - Well, I coulda picked Hilary Clinton, but that was taken so I used -GOOMBA

* *9 Latest* *

1. Latest alcoholic beverage - wine
2. Latest car ride - out to lunch yesterday
3. Latest movie watched - Gangs of New York, on TV [last movie rented was 18 Below]
4. Latest phone call made - cable company
5. Latest jacuzzi bath - eons ago, in a posh hotel
6. Latest played cd - I haven't had my player in motion for over a month --so, the last cd played would be the soundtrack from Polar Express
7. Latest time you cried - with the movie 18 Below. Sad movie in parts with the husky dogs dying.
8. Latest meal - bacon and egg and toast with o j
9. Latest curse - damn probably. LOL

* *8 Have You Evers* *

1. Dated one of your best friends - never. My best friends are of the same sex. Uh, huh...nope. Not me.
2. Been arrested - never
3. Fallen in love at first sight - ummmmm, ya , once [other than pound puppies and kitties that is] --and I ended up being his wife--and he's an animal at times!! hehehehe
4. Been in a TV program - a made for TV movie yes. I was an extra
5. Had your heart broken - Oh probably, but to be honest, it wasn't broken for long for there is no memory of anything awry today or from the past. I have the option of lingering on with hurt and sorrow or movin' on....and I opt for movin' on
6. Said you love someone without meaning it - nonsense
7. Made a prank phone call - no, not unless you consider 'acting as someone else on April Fool's Day' a prank call. That is my daughter's birthday and I could, at one time, fool her --not any more. She's taken the fun outta the special day.

* *7 Things You Wear* *

1. clothes
2. shoes
3. earrings
4. smile
5. tattoo
6. socks
7. makeup

* *6 Things You've Done Today* *

1. daily rituals like getting up, dressing, eating, drinking, hygiene...things like that
2. read newspaper
3. cooked
4. walked on gazelle
5. crocheted along with TV viewing
6. sat way too long at the computer

* *5 Favorite Things* *

1. Pepsi...for decades, it's been a drink of choice [as comparing it to Coke that is]
2. to just get in the car, and drive
3. Ocean...for 2+ years now, I am seeing a dream of being close to ocean water become a reality!!
4. Family...I can't go wrong with my family [pets included]
5. Movies...I never tire of watching movies

* *4 People I Can Tell Anything* *

1. No one except my mother --she's gone so, now I'm---
2. I'm a loner by choice
3. and often
4. tend to keep thoughts to myself

* *3 Choices* *

1. Black or white? BLACK I love the dark mornings, when the sky's still black and sparkling with stars--I love black clothing [I look like death warmed over in white], I love black cars, well, can you tell---I just chose black over white.

2. Summer or winter? Oh need you ask? Let me put it this way, I really detest winter! The only thing good about winter is that Spring is not far behind! Then, Summer's right around the corner!!!

3. Chocolate or chips? Can I say Chocolate Chips? No? Good, 'cause I'm not crazy about the bitter sweet dark chocolate chip anyway. hehehehe Now, if y'all really wanna know, I'm kinda picky about chocolate. It must be milk chocolate and have caramel and pecans, or hot fudge on vanilla ice cream. But give me a warm homemade corn tortilla chip with spicy salsa along side chocolate, and I'm sure I'd grab the chips.

* *2 Things to do Before You Die* *

1. Keep dreaming the impossible - hey, there's nothing wrong with dreaming and making a fantasy --it's fun, try it.
2. [actually, I'm content with my life the way it is...I don't aim high with goals that I know won't come to realism--some may think because I DO dream the impossible that I'm a romantic, but in all honesty, I'm a realist!! --that way I'm not living a big disappointment when my time comes to say goodbye to life as I know it]

* *1 Thing You Regret* *

I can't say that I regret anything, I've always been quite happy with my life and if something goes wrong, it's more than likely I didn't choose wisely, but to regret it?---No! That's how I continue to live and learn. Each day is a gift. Dwell on mistakes I've made? Not on your life---------that would put me AND keep me in such a deep drepssion, I'd never come out of my shell.


So, I swore up and down that I wouldn't put up another bird feeder/the seed kind. A couple of years ago, when we started settling in from our new move from another state, I put up one in the middle of the yard, just outside the dining room window. Well, the ground is just so odd around here, that the earth 'shrunk' around the pole and it kept getting lose and wobbly! Falling short of setting it in cement, and then killing off the sod around the pole, I got irate about the whole thing and said "No more".

Well, this past weekend, with the beautiful cardinal in our yard, I wanted another feeder. But I wanted a wooden one that was cheap and yet sturdy. So, off I go to WalMart, and search for something under $20 and made of a hard suitable wood that wouldn't rot quickly in the damp air. I had plans of a small one, one that I could screw into the 4x4 uprights that are holding the patio lattice rafters. The closest pole to the house and short from putting the feeder on the house, is about 3 or 4 feet from the middle window. So, I can sit and watch. Along with the kittie's window seat---they too can watch and drool. Mean, huh?

I found one, but problem is/was, it was made to feed squirrels instead of birds. All WalMart's birdfeeders are either plastic or metal which would make the project way too time consuming to hang on the wooden rafter, without having in swing and sway in the strong winds --fear of it blowing off, into the glass window!

I opted to buy the squirrel feeder that is sturdy cedar wood and take it home and add strips of wood on the edges to hold the seed in for the birds also.

Of course it was raining most of the day, but the stuff was being stored in the kitchen, and I wanted it out of my way....Hubby added some scrap pieces of wood to the edges and I went out in the rain to mount it on the wooden upright. When it's not rainy, and the word's out now, the neighborhood birds will soon grace our yard to feed---I'll get a picture. I'm hoping for more cardinals!!!

Here's the one I bought...from an online source.

Me and the cats, we be waitin' --patiently.


  1. Anni... you have just become such a little chatter-bug! I'm amazed that you have time to do ANYTHING else with your day! I have to be verrrrrrry careful about the bird-feeders I put up in my yard -- or the birds don't get ANYTHING because the squirrels get it ALL! And thus the reason for putting out squirrel feeders! (in hopes they will stick to their own... but they don't!)

    LOL ... BOOBY's girl! You nut!

    Oh, as I type this I just had about 400 blackbirds descend upon my front yard! ACK! Those are NOT the birds I want! Shoo! Shoo!

    Have a great day, Anni!

  2. Well it's a cold and snowy morning up in these parts and reading your blog sure cheered up my day....LOL...a tattoo, huh? Wow - I'm likin' you more and more there, lady..

    As for birdfeeders, we usually have four up on our porch, a couple on a pole stand down in the backyard and Hubs even built a bat house several years ago hoping to attract a few. No luck on the bats, just yet, but we get oodles of titmice, chickadees, blue jays, sparrows, squirrels, deer and turkeys almost's fun to watch them chow down. I think we go through at least 50 lbs. of birdseed a month.

    Great posts, Anni! You always brighten my day.

    Hugz to y'all!

  3. I so enjoyed all your answers...the blue vinyl record that Elvis made was called "Moody Blue". I still have all his records:-) That blue vinyl one is quite the collector's item now! You mentioned wearing a tattoo...I'm determined to get one on my ankle before I turn 50 in October!! hehe I have so many bird feeders in my backyard, often times it looks like a bird sanctuary back there! Never thought of using a squirrel feeder as a bird feeder but it should work! lol

  4. Sounds and looks like a good one. I love birds. And to see the species you have over there, since it differs from the ones we have over here!

    So please report how things are going. It can take a while before the word is spread about this new excellent bird restaurant ;-)