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Note: You'll find the Wordless Wednesday Photo Below

Now I ask....what do Boozie Suzie, Sarah Bellum, Betty Clock'er, Polly Ester, and Lynn Somnia all have in common?
Ya, you read the names correctly.
Dunno? You're tired of playing the guessing game? Do y'all all know anything about Canada? Bars? Professional sports? ---And you've not heard these names?
Wanna clue?
How 'bout sibling rivalry or perhaps childhood games? Maybe even revenge would come to mind!!
Still no inklin' huh?
Okay, say you give up. But these gals are for real. Maybe ficticious in their titles/names, but they ARE FOR REAL. And their sport is----[*drum roll*]-----


[click for larger view]
photo courtesy of REUTERS/Yahoo News
© Jan. 17, 2007

And for the first time, these Canadians and the sport (now being dubbed PFL - Pillow Fight League) are coming to New York City!!
Wanna join in? I certainly would! I LOVE PILLOW FIGHTS!!!
The Yahoo article states:
The rules are simple: women only, no lewd behavior, and moves such as leg drops or submission holds are allowed as long as a pillow is used. After that, it's up to the combatants.
I'm just wondering here.....more to myself than anyone. But, you don't suppose that one day some rookie fighter will be offered a contract on the PFL team, TOMBSTONE BOAS, a multi-million dollar contract for say----four years? Now, that'd be a kick in the jock strap to those tattooed covered NFL players wouldn't it?
And naturally, the rookie, aptly named ROSIE O DUNIT, will be the headliner!!!!

I'm so in on this!!! And I have my feathers on Rosie!!!!
4 to 1


Well, as I type this addendum to the blog this morning, most know that the cold front across the United States is one humungous sucker!! Stretching from the southern Texas Gulf Coast up to the New Englanders!! And cold it is!!!! Here I am, about 5 miles north and west of the Gulf of Mexico, sitting pretty. The temp at 7:20 outside our house on the patio gauge --33 degrees. Well, on the bright side, it's not freezing. YET!! The temp usually drops a degree or two before sunrise. Picture this.....the kitties whiskers are shivering uncontrollably. They're both crying here at my feet ---"Key! Key! Key-rist! It's cold!!" Of course the furnace has been running all night...but I don't have it set higher than they want me to crank in some more heat.




  1. Okay Anni so I am first and Have to figure out what this is...Is it a fish that is flying in the air? I enlarged it and that is all that I can tell. Am I right or what? My WW is up today too..have a great day...keep warm. Sandy

  2. Sandy....
    It's a seagull. Flying above the fishing docks.

  3. That photo reminds me of when we visited mom and dad this past Nov. and went to the ocean. There were tons of seagulls flying around. Great photo. Thanks for stopping by Happy WW.

  4. Very nice photo! I'm sure the seagull is looking for some food!

  5. I think the photo implies the Seagull has "gone fishing".
    Nice photo. I'd say Brrr on behalf of you and your kitties but it is 18 degrees here. Make that Brrrrr.

  6. reminds me of days on the the good ole summer time.

  7. Stay warm, dear lady!

    Spring is just around the corner (I think?)


  8. Hi Anni ~~ Enjoyed reading some of your posts, especially the retired one - very funny. Thanks for your comments, glad you enjoyed the Marine story, he was a kind young man. And
    glad you like the jokes. Take care,
    Love, Merle.