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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

It's Sunday. A nice, quiet day in the neighborhood! And the sun's shining brightly. Wind is cold tho. VERY cold and damp. Of course with the constant humidity around the city and area coastal bend, the humidity always makes it seem colder than it actually is. But none-the-less, when we were out for our Sunday breakfast of sausage and egg sandwich while reading the newspaper, by the time I walked back to the car, with only a lightweight sweater, I was shivering, and instantly cranked up the heater in the car. Can you believe it? What a whuss!!!! I tellya, gettin' older and blood thinning by the day, it doesn't take much for this ol' lady to get chilled.

But, we had to stop at the store on the way home to replenish cat food--what else is new. Seems between the cat food and cat dirt --the critters are eatin' us out of house and home...then, pissin' it away! Go figure.

While sittin' at the table, finishing the final reads in the entertainment section of the newspaper and doing the word puzzles, I spotted birds by our new feeder. As I got up to get the camera, they all flitted away. Between the hurricane shutters that remain on the house 24/7/365, and the venitian blind those sharp eyed feathered friends saw me!!! Wow, to only have that kinda vision for myself! Anyway---

---by the time I returned with the camera loaded with the batteries and turned on....I pulled the indoor blinds up to the maximum to give me plenty of viewing room---and I stood at the window to capture a photo of a sparrow or two. But what to my excitement, the male cardinal returned. I froze! And started snapping away. I've dubbed him DIZZY ---as in Dizzy Dean, one of the most famous St. Louis CARDINALS.

[the female was with him yesterday afternoon, but she isn't quite as aggressive as he, and flew off as soon as she saw my shadow when I was outdoors]


  1. You would freeze to death here in is 17 degrees and falling...with a few flurries outside my window earlier.
    You got some good shots of Dizzy!!

  2. Oh wow! I LOVE that center photo! The look on his little face! TOO CUTE! He says "I'm watchin' you!"...

    It's SNOWIN' here... as I type! And I'm heading up for a nap!

  3. What a treat that must have been! Beautiful photos.

  4. Dear Hootin' Anni...These are really nice pictures.!! What kind of camera do you have?

    You music is so exciting that the pages of your blog jump around and around and it is hard to click your comment buttton until the jig has stopped...Ha!..From Terry

  5. Amazing shots! Cardinals and blue jays are my very favorite feathered friends! We have tons of there here right now, foraging through all our feeders for the best stuff, i.e., the sunflower seeds. What characters!

    Great post...

    Have a wonderful Monday!