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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out
Black and White Background courtesy of free backgrounds

It's raining.....
It's pouring.....
the old man is snoring!!!

Boy howdy, the rains are heavy this morning.
It's a good day to keep the computer off for power surges
(ya, I know I have a surge protector, but even with them,
I lost 2 computers that way in Arizona's electrical storms...
I'm not taking any more chances!!)

So, I started a new crochet project that I've had in mind to begin now about a week or two, and it's flowing along nicely...
This is what I've accomplished in the last hour or so.

Now keep those moisturizing soaking rains a 'coming!! We need 'em so badly!! I'll not complain one iota!!

It will be a vest!


  1. Oooooo! PRETTY! What's it gonna be?

    Got your comment in my blog! And I DO agree -- comparitively speaking I would definately "enjoy" the busies more than you would! I can't even stand the thought of ALL my kids living away from me! I can stand the thought of NONE of them living in MY house though!!! ... and ... I would never in a million years have thought you WOULD be racial ... or ... prejudiced, I guess. NEVER. Nope. Woulda never entered my mind! Do sOMe people THINK you ARE?

  2. No, not that I know of anyway. I just had a difficult time thinking of something that no one would KNOW --those who knows me. And racial came to mind first. LOLOLOL

    AND it's gonna be a vest.

  3. Lovely color. Wish I had your energy!!! I used to crochet years ago....I should get back to it. I love handmade things.

    Gotta go look for something for PhotoHunt tomorrow...

    Have a wonderful weekend..This one came around fast, didn't it?

  4. I should get a surge protector. I would hate to lose a computer due to power surges.

    That looks like a pretty project. Very creative. Have fun!