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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out


Well, once again, it rained last night. I know, I know--hubby and I moved to the sub tropical Texas coast....what do you expect, right? But for 8 days straight [except for a couple hours of sporadic sunshine yesterday] --no sun, drizzling cold gets old. I need a bit of warmth. And ya, I know---afterall, it IS winter. Yada, yada, yada!!

....maybe if I do a sun dance with my rain stick...No? I don't think that would work! I was thinking maybe if I changed the raindance oyyy--y----oooo-ah's and my jiving into a more upbeat rhythm it could possibly be taken as a sun dance? No? Why not?

I need some sunshine. My belly is gonna resemble a lizard pretty soon, what with no color on my scales!!! I just gotta bask in those rays and the warmth of a subtropical afternoon of about 75 degrees? Ya baby!!!!

Well, then....I'll dream of being in a comfortable environ of my perfectly manicured, beautiful Japanese garden, with the soft gentle clear and bubbling brook meandering around the statues and the blossoms of opium with the scent lingering in the air as it floats just atop the symmetrically-trimmed hedges and I lounge about, reading and dreaming. The soft ringing tone of the windchime in the distance........

How many years have I been searching for an ol' classic style windchime? Let me count the years!! Let's see.....for ever and an eternity! You see, I love windchimes. I have several. I've even got one that is 5 feet long. My hubby made it for me years ago. He and a friend of his had this project long time ago. And when they were done, the guys had quite a bit of leftover copper tubing. And when hubby came home, in the back of his pickup, he had the scraps. As I helped unload his 'treasures'---you know, the kind that is junk to one and a treasure to others? Well, when I picked up the tubing, it clanged such a deep, wonderful chime that I immediately 'called' the copper!! Called it as mine. He said to me "Now what do you want that for?" I clanged the two pieces together and answered: "See? Isn't that a beautiful sound? You're gonna make me a huge windchime for that tree right over there!" As I pointed to the tree with low hanging branches!

Well, within a few weeks' time, he had the chimes completed, and I still have it. But ya know, since we've moved to Texas I haven't any tree large enough to hang it from....maybe sometime soon I'll find a place to hang it from the house's patio rafters. Who knows. The sound from it is quite reminiscent of church bells in the distance.

Anyway, *tsk tsk* ---I do gab on and on sometimes, don't I? Well, I once had the most dainty and fragile windchime that I got as a gift from one of my friends. Thin, thin glass. Oriental. Such a wonderful, fresh and high pitched tinkle when the breeze would catch it. Like you were walking into a Japanese garden from centuries ago. One summer, a nasty high wind overtook our yard, and the glass was shattered. That was about 30 years ago. And back then, when I was thinking of and not really buying one for fear of it breaking to smithereens again, at Pier One Imports in our little Colorado burg the going price was something like $2.99!!!

I've looked and looked (even online at e-bay, and I don't purchase anything online for security reasons)---that's how desperate I've become. I did find one to bid on, under my search of 'vintage glass windchimes' ---but I was outbid. I was having my son do the bidding...he has an e-bay account. Sneaky, huh? But to no avail. When we took a trip to San Francisco once, I was hoping to find one in Chinatown, but again, nothing. Either I didn't look in the right places or who knows....but I couldn't find any like I wanted, a replica of one I had long ago. The last time I checked e-bay and my son's bidding, the price was over $25, so I'm not the only fool out there. [*giggles*]

For some reason unknown to me the other day, when it was cold outside and my outdoor walking exercises were kept indoors at the mall....I was beckoned to go into the shop at the mall that specializes in the oriental. I was walking up and down the aisles to keep moving and not stop my walking regime....there it was!!! Just above my head!! Naturally, that was the end of my walking. No matter the cost, I had to have it!!

And I got it!!!

Once again, I can laze around and read in my 'garden' --but only this time it's going to be activated by a more 'gentle breeze' of the air conditioning vent!! No harmful winds any more.

ADDED-10:30 A.M. ---My home town about three years ago ---GOT SNOW!! In Arizona!! --So, maybe I shouldn't be whining with the rains, huh?


  1. Ohhhhhhhhh I LOVE that wind chime! I would have added it to my collection too! I had a glass windchime like that when I was a kid... it was blue and the glass pieces were rectangles ... but the same KIND. And it was the beginning of MY love for windchimes too! I have so many now - but none like that! I'll have to see if I can find one... probably in the spring! OUR stores don't have them out quite yet. But soon... ohhhhh sooooooon!

    Ya know... for that big ol' big ol' wind chime ya got, you could have Bud make ya one of those talllllll poles for hanging flower baskets... and you could hang it from that! ;) Yea... Along with a couple of baskets of geraniums or somethin' purrrrty! *nods*

  2. Anonymous1/22/2007

    I was so happy to have you visit my blog. Thanks for introducing yourself and in doing so, allowing me to be very entertained here.

    Love the windchime. We just moved and our new home came with a couple of windchimes. I've had some in the past, but for some reason, only my 7 year old moved with one.

    I will enjoy coming over and catching up. Sorry you don't have your Colorado snow anymore. I'd be glad to send it ALL your way. I am grateful for the moisture it will provide for the summer, but...

    Hope your rains subside and you can bask in the the sun soon.

  3. Just found your site. You've got music coming out of here. Hey, cool.

  4. We're very sunny here in CA. Loved your story of the quest for your windchime. I have several in our garden and patio.

  5. Wow, what luck to have found that windchime like you wanted! Goes to show if you wait long enough, it will eventually appear:-) I don't have any windchimes at all...there was one I really loved at WalMart last summer and the sound was just glorious but I waited too long to get it and they sold out. Hopefully this coming summer they'll have them again. They were actually made of hollow reed! Hugs xox

  6. 8 days of rain? That's nothing. The year I married my husband - Oregon had a record breaking 98 days of rain in a row. I thought I was going to die and told my hubby I didn't think I could live here. Well - I'm still here and still married. I guess I survived.

    Love the windchimes!!!

  7. Love your wind chime and were having very hot weather here and we need rain were in drought conditions a lot of the country on very strict water restrictions.

  8. Good Morning!

    You know, I really like windchimes too! Funny how much we have in common...the one you posted is very interesting. I was looking at a couple at a local garden shop last week. One that caught my eye was a verdigris one with real large pipes (you've probably seen them)'d need a REAL BIG tree (something like a mighty oak) to support it. The tone was beautiful - rich and deep - but I have no place to put it. Pretty, though.

    I have a number of small ones hanging on my back porch. I love the sound of them, personally, but I wonder if my neighbors feel the same way? LOL...

    Happy Tuesday to ya, m'lady!!