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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

" We have enough youth, how about a fountain of smart? "

This is definitely a Monday charmer. I'm thoroughly perplexed over television and the mindless obsession of reality programming. This American Idol that is sweeping the viewing prime time this next couple of days this week makes me question our intelligence (Hey, when I was a youngster, I thought my father was stupid...yes, I thought stupid---to love watching those programs like the amateur hour with Arthur Godfrey!!!). I remember watching all kinds of similar television when I was a youngster, tho to be honest there wasn't much else on. It was either that or go to your room as my dad would often tell me. And, I usually opted for a book or radio in my room. Back then, these kinds of programs did not interest me and today they've become MORE insipid for me. We humans are highly intelligent creatures yet we fall down each time these types become number one programs for our viewing 'pleasure'. I find myself wondering just what the mentality of the American people have.

I'm sitting here reading yesterday's newspaper and reading the Nielsen's ratings list from last week and find that NFL lead most evenings. Hmmmmm, tho I am an avid sports fan I don't watch much for the entire 3 hours or more; nor every second of action plays. I most always have my crocheting project right in front of me to lull away all the penalty times-out and commercial breaks that seem to come more and more these days. OH! And speaking of commercials---have you ever disliked a commercial so bad that muting it isn't enough and you find yourself switching channels just to find a commercial on the same time from where you switched off? Does that make you wonder if something in the pro sports is NOT fixed? Try it'll see that no matter what commerical slot you switch off of, you get to another station from there, and there is a commercial on an entirely different channel? Seems odd that the timing is just so precise, doesn't it? Okay, so I can be a skeptic. Always thinking.

But top programs are ones like "Trading Spouses"? "Nanny 911"?

Now, back to American Idol. I know it's supposed to be entertaining, but I just don't see it. The contestants don't have talents, it's very mundane to me....I read about those judges, and see commercial spots of the program ---the cutting remarks from the judges are entirely uncalled for. But yet, this is what sells their ability to bring in money to the sponsors. And people love it. I always have found myself not a follower. But a doer! It's much more pleasing to watch something of interest to me.

And because the regular series programming is being cut the next few weeks, you'll see that PBS gets a lot of my time at night. TCM is another of my favorites. I love to compare the old style of movie making and acting comparing it to today. Of course on any given night TCM is a preferred choice, actually.

I've tried to watch another program that seems to be in the top list each week, and I can't see the interest. It again, at this point in my life, seems to sell sex. Ya, life is all about it....true. But to hold an interest for me, climbing into bed the first 2 minutes, of a program about medicine, with a co-worker....well, this is not entertainment for me! And the program I've tried to watch a few times is Grey's Anatomy. No, again---not my style.

Yet, there are programs that has kept me engrossed. Two only, but captivating none-the-less.

Firstly, I'm still counting the days for it's return with new episodes. That's Prison Break. It has been noteable for me from day one. Two years ago. And I'm an avid viewer. No blatant sexual behavior, tho possibly subliminally, which is figuratively better for me than the actuality of performing in front of a camera. Bloody, perhaps. But in all reality in today's world, shedding blood is more REALITY than the survivor whimps on stage; acting. The script is closely followed. Very few mistakes. I like that! It tends to keep me with vivid, on the edge, nail biting..... And when the program ends each week with a cliff hanger, I'm counting the hours for the next installment. That's more entertaining than watching some dumb, anxious and nervous contender trying to sing. Music is beautiful and butchering a song to entertain the people of television-land is degrading to our mentality and purpose. (In all honesty I do enjoy Dancing with the Stars -- but if they DO mock and mess up and the judges and so called honest voting fans begin to make it a popularity casting, and tells us on the next program they're good....I don't watch it!! That's insanity. If they're no good...get 'em off and let us enjoy the beauty and talents of GOOD dancers!! It's an art not a comic strip, or perhaps a comedic version of mudslinging! The one season that a man that had no ambition to learn to dance with his professional partner kinda burned me away from viewing more....I got blatantly upset with the whole concept.)

Secondly, The all knowing, drug addicted, grouchy, egomaniac, Dr. House! His personal interview at Web, M.D. is quite provocative. (I found it shocking that in real life he's only 40 something....he carries himself as a much older man--well, for me anyway, with ingenious ideals and performances.)
Now, mind you, I realize that this is probably reminiscent of an oldie TV programming from my youth...But this guy, Gregory House, is a genius! He's also portrayed as: boorish, arrogant, insensitive, disgruntled, ---you name it, but again, he's the best. And his relationship with his 'staff' of doctors is beyond compare. Actually, Dr. Cuddy --the hospital's chief surgeon is my favorite character. At times while watching I can't help myself feeling sorry for her. She puts up with and lives with knowing her best doctor is an addict, and they can't do without him. In the last episode she admits to fixing documents and perjuring herself on court's protect Dr. House and his radical behavior and addiction. She makes it clear to House-- " that she owns him now. It may entail clinic duty, unruly patients or extra hours. Whatever she wants, he's going to do it." And she walks away from his jail cell. whole point in this blog this fine day is: "Why do we pre-empt the good programming for American Idol?" Can't these television schedulers at least show the excellent, intriguing, programs after the dumb ones? They always take the good stuff off and the intelligent programs are dumped! Guess they think there is no truth behind them- after being tortured through A.I. and Paula Abdul's crushed boobies in revealing garb! Too hot for us to handle how House gets another case solved and life saved. (Oh, and House, M.D. and Prison Break IS in the top 20 of the ratings ----------IF they're televised and not pre-empted!!!)

Personally, give me a movie channel anytime!!!


  1. House is a provocative program, isn't it? We watch it and every week I get so mad at him for being such a mean person. But it's good drama and I still watch it.

    I also watch American Idol. Yes, I'll admit that, but there's a reason I watch. If you go read my May 24 post, you'll understand why. It's an amazing TV phenomenon, and I find myself really hooked on it.

    You have a really cheery blog site.

  2. Good post there Annie!! I love Prison Break also and also House, but House is on at the same time that NCIS is on!! I like it..but with reruns I can now watch HOUSE again!!
    I have followed American Idol because I love singing and I love trying to pick out the winner. I have picked out the winner a couple of times. I have not been as involved in the past couple of years. Oh well I guess that is why there are so many different shows for every one to pick just what they like!! Our absolute favorite is 24...we have watched it for 6years now!! It is quite addicting. Sandy

  3. I got so fed up with all the so called shows on tv, I don't even turn on my television any more! Way too many "reality" shows...whatever happened to the good old series! Hugs xox

  4. ROFLMBO! Anni -- you know I don't watch ANYTHING - so I have NO opinions one way or the other.... other than that TV in general has gotten beyond BAD in MY opinion! But I have to laugh over you deciding which ones are good and which ones are DUMB! (remember -- I think they're ALL dumb!) But at MY house, Krysti thinks American Idol is the ONLY show worth watching. It truly IS the only thing she turns on all week! Of course, HUBBY is glued to the television from the time he comes home from work until bed ... and beyond. (and yet complains about MY addiction to the computer! ... at least I'm "socializing"! LOL!) Derek only watches stand-up comedy, and Mathew doesn't watch ANY television programming -- only rented movies. Same with Amanda. To ME this speaks volumes, because I have a fairly "typical" American family of 6 -- and only ONE of us watches network television on a regular basis --- and even HE watches a lot MORE PBS stuff than network stuff... although he WAS seriously addicted to ... ugh... what was that reality show where they voted people off? (THIS is MY problem - because I watch none, I can't even carry on an intelligent conversation about them!) Sheeeesh!
    GREAT POST! I'll quit blithering now....

  5. I don't watch much reality TV these days. I think I reached reality show saturation levels last year...(blogging takes up alot of my time, too I must admit! Hehe..)

    PRISON BREAK is my favorite show these days!! I can't wait for its return!!!What a great show.

    I started watching House by accident and now I really like it. I wish more doctors were like him. LOL..

    As for American Idol, I now watch only up to the point where they pick the top 12. I love to watch all the bloopers at the beginning and the wannabe William Heungs!! I can't stand Simon either and that's part of why I turn it off.

    I find it amusing that everyone is making a fuss over Jennifer Hudson (i.e, Dreamgirls?). Frankly, I think she screams too much when she sings as she did on AI. That's why she got eliminated. Now she's a big star. See what alittle HYPE can do for you?

    I still think Clay Aiken is the best singer ever came out of American Idol. He's a real talent.

    And as for Robert Frost - 'nuff wonder I like you so!!! (**HUGZ!**)

    Good post!