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"911, What's your emergency?"

"The little man?! He fell off and broke both his feet off, shoes and all!" "Can you fix him?"

"Ma'am, you say both his feet broke off?"

"Yes...that's what I said, can you fix him?" "We need help!" "Fast." "Before my hubby gets home." "He'll think I did it."

"What is your address?" "We'll get someone there to help."

"We're in our kitchen now, I picked him up off the floor, he's on the table now...and I can see pain in his face". An....And, I'm scared." *sobbing now*

"Stay calm. We need your address."

"It's here in town. Just left of Burger King" "Two blocks off the main drag." "You can't miss it."

"The address ma'am". "So we can send the ambulance to assist your little man."

"It's 5 5 5 Cherry Wood." "Hurry". *more sobbing*

"Don't hang up!" "We need to keep you on the phone 'til help arrives." "Ma'am? Don't hang up."

The dispatcher hears mumbling in the background over the line, but the conversation is faintly audible to her...

"You're so in trouble, now!"
"You did it!"
"You pushed him down, and broke his feet off!"
"When Paw gets home, he's gonna killus, you watch and see."

Sounds of faint crying is heard by the dispatcher.

In the distance, the caller hears a siren.

"Ma'am?" "Ma'am?" "Can you hear me?" "Help is on the way."

Within three minutes, the paramedics are at the door with lifesaving equipment.

"He's in the kitchen ma'am?"

"Yes, this way." "Thank you so much for coming so quickly." "I know he's in pain."

As the paramedic first views the victim, he chokes at the sight he sees. He's never seen anything like this, and he's been on the job for two decades.

He picks up the phone laying on the counter.

"Cherrie, this is Woody." "We're here, and the little man will be good as new in no time. Guaranteed."

And he disconnects.

"How did this happen?" He asks as he's examining the little man.

"I don't know." "I was in the bathroom, and I heard this ruckus in the kitchen!" "When I arrived here, I found the guy on the floor, and his feet, shoes and all were dislodged." "I got frightened right away, helped him up from the floor, and called you."

The whiny cries that the dispatcher had heard over the line was now heard once again by the paramedic.

"She did it!" "I know she did it." She's not supposed to be doing this kinda thing, her Paw told her a thousand times!"

"Hold on ma'am." "He'll be good as new in now time....nothing but a dab of glue and he'll be up on his feet again."

He reaches down near his medical bag and monitors, and pets the kitty. "Yep, he'll be good as new."

=^..^= [I'm not naming any names but the "Ho" comes to mind...]
=^..^= [did she knock my man off and break him to bits? Your call]


  1. No, not way!
    Now give her a treat for even thinking such a thing!

  2. LOL that was just too funny!!!! I was wondering what all this was leading to! hehe

  3. I kept trying to figure, what was broken? and who really did it...very cute!..I'm sure it wasnt Ho...

  4. AS a 911 dispatcher myself, I kind of had my suspicions on this one but then again, I've heard stranger things - believe it or not!!