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THREE NEW ENTRIES TODAY ---ONE humor, ONE Thursday's Thoughts, and ONE meme---all follows---

I was goofin' around the other day...havin' a good ol' hootin' scootin' time of it, and tested the translation skills of the internet.

I typed in my blog name...Hootin' Anni, and the knowledge based on the translation sites came up with all these:


French - Anni Sifflant (looks like maybe I am a stifled ant or something!)

German - Johlender Anni (oh oh! Am I a jolly lender now?)

Portugese - Barulho de buzina Anni (Bob a loo-o-o-o-o, Bah ba loo-o-o-o!)

Russian - Крик Anni (I couldn't put my finger on this yet, perhaps --K-pak? Isn't that a planet or something?)

Spanish - Anni que ulula (Rock on Anni!! Rock-a-hula, rock!! See, they're right....Elvis Lives on!!)

Arabic - صيحه الذكرى (nothing funny 'bout this! I was sure it'd be something like Idi Amin Da, Da or a close proximity to such.)


  1. Well Jolly Lender... can I borrow some dough???

  2. The spanish one rocks!!!!

  3. If it sounds like something even closely related to Elvis I am all for it....!! Thanks for stopping by today and wishing hubby and I a happy 43rd anniversary!! I dont know how we got here this fast but we are here!! Sandy

  4. I love the Spanish one, I thought I was the only one that still liked to play with things like that.

  5. Welcome! I hope you had a nice visit. Did you come from Morning Glory? She's my SIL. Come back any time!

  6. Thanks for stopping by A Chelsea Morning. I appreciate the comment you left. We're very excited about Mandy's wedding. I'll be sharing all our preparations as we get closer and closer to the actual day!

  7. Just wanted to thank you for stopping by - I love Cariboo Ponder's blog too. I really enjoyed perusing your blog although my computer tends to have issues at times with Firefox - tends to freeze up a bit with it. But, I'm shopping for a new computer so MAYBE that will be corrected in the near future!

    Stop by again and visit. Love to hear from new folks and especially those who get a chuckle or two out of the silly Bushisms I've been posting. Got a desk calendar of 'em from my older daughter for Christmas and to me, they are too darned funny NOT to share!

    Hope to hear from you again!

  8. Love these, lady! You have the neatest sense of humor...K-PAX was where Kevin Spacey was from in the movie of the same name...does that work? Also sounds like a good name for a rapper....LOL...yo yo..

    I think I spotted Elvis hanging out at the Burger King in Corpus Christi....

    As for the Arabic, I heard something interesting about kids learning Arabic in one of our schools around here. I'll have to dig up the article and blog about it. It was real interesting.

    Another good one there, dear lady!

    Happy Friday!

  9. Love comming to see the little characters and great translations having a laugh hehehe. ill go read some more (((((HUGS)))))