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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

I confess, I'm not one to watch television weekly programs but two/sometimes three; as I've mentioned several times --Prison Break and House are definite weekly viewing for me (when they are televised). Also, the most hilarious prime time comedy --Two and a Half Men.

Two and a Half Men was something we stumbled across by mistake and we watched it. It's a half hour comedy that is so funny, don't be eating your snacks or drinking anything for that half hour. It is a real hoot. The cast of characters are just way too funny. My favorites are the house keeper and the little boy. He's shown as a very innocent and typical young man. But his lines in the show along with his divorced dad and uncle Charlie ---well, you just have to have watched it before to know what I mean. Yes, there are quite a few episodes that deal with nature---sex to be more specific. But it's so subtle and the writings/scripts are so funny, you really have to have a quick wit and realize this is a's just too good. Guess I'm not the only one that thinks that way either since it's been recipients of awards galore. So, directly after my Monday episode of Prison Break, we switch over for a half hour of rip snortin' laughs!

And most times we watch Turner Classic Movies, then the nightly local news or Texas News Channel 'til it's time for our reading hour before bedtime around 11pm.

For some reason, we noticed in the TV guide a program on the History Channel (ya, we watch that station a lot also during the week until the TCM movies begin---) Anyway, there was a subject on this particular program that sounded of some interest to us. We watched it. A new way of discovering old subjects with a new twist that, for now anyway, keeps us interested. For the most part, to me, history is a 'one man's opinion' ---and most times (again for me) only tells us the story through one person's eyes --like a history book, or even history classes---always just the one person's views and opinions. For instance say---Cleopatra. And you have an historian saying this, and saying that---Cleo used the asp because she was devastated and wanted to live no longer. Well, that statement right there just irks me to no end---just HOW do they know how Cleopatra felt? Even if it is modern history ---for instance, JFK's assassination?----even people who witnessed the attempt on the president's life get their stories twisted and so bent out of shape, you don't know just how accurate the stories are. I think history is just like a science...experimenting and using tools to come to a 'educated guess' conclusion...whether it's accurate or not. It's all in the minds of the one historian. I tend to believe only half of what I hear and none of what I read these days--involving history. History can be boring....

But, I try to keep an open mind and perhaps learn something from it. Ya know?

The new program that has piqued our interests these days on the History Channel is called "Digging for the Truth"...Josh Bernstein is the host. And it's just a shade different than the typical History Channel's programs as to when most of them have different historians giving us "how this happened 400 years ago" "he was feeling this 350 years ago" "the river runs through it a million years ago"---things like that (really? how do they know for sure?) ---this Josh dude actually says in his narration that "PERHAPS" it was this way, or "PERHAPS it worked..." I like that. No possitive statements for the fact nothing is possitive in history---only possitive maybes.

Not to mention, he's quite a piece of eye candy. And seems quite intelligent in his diggings and travels. I'm learning a bit. (But, still it's history, and unproven for the most part---to me, history is always an unproven phenomenon - and only ONE step in factual maybes)

I've added his History Channel link to my sidebar so I can keep tabs on his special programs and look forward to viewing future programs of his.


  1. I like "Two and a Half Men" but the show I find hysterical is "Reba"...I always laugh out loud at that one...they are showing the reruns on our Fox station and Lifetime in the evenings...try to catch it if you can!!

  2. I read your commentary on the browser issues you were having and I have to say this looks great on did good there, lady!

    I heard about Josh Bernstein this morning on the Today Show and yes, he is a hunk of burnin' love...LOL. Haven't watched the show yet - will have to take a look. Gotta get moving - Prison Break is on soon, but wanted to drop by and wish you a Happy Monday. Probably won't be blogging much til hubby comes home, you know how it goes.

    Hugz to you!

  3. Dear Anni...That is so sad about the horse. What a beautiful gentle face.

    I respect you that you are feeling hurt and heart broken.That just shows how tender hearted you are amidst all of that fun loving nature that is in you.
    I have always found that the people who are are getting OTHER people to laugh, take the saddest things in life the hardest

    Have a good day as I will be having a cold day....Brrr.....Love Teresa AnnE...