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If you could take lessons to learn any musical instrument, which would you want to learn?

I'm a self-taught piano player, and I have played the guitar. When we downsized our belongings from Colorado to Arizona, I sold the piano, with all intent of buying another when resettled---moving a piano is an extra fee because of its delicacies and extra insurance with moving van companies. At least that is what we were told---and from the added on hefty fee, it would have been cheaper to just sell the one we had, and buy one when we were moved in. I'd certainly jump at the chance to buy another, and take lessons, but in this stage of life, I have lost desire. My left hand isn't as coordinated as it should be---I can do great with the right hand---and read music, but oh baby, the left hand is about 2 days behind in movement as my right hand when on the keyboard!! That last song that I could actually play very well is Chariots of Fire, and I've forgotten all the chords!!!

Have you ever mistaken a person for someone else?

Not really, not anyone I know personally. But many-a-times I see a person on TV or in a movie and can't recall their names---does that count?

On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being highest, how well do you keep secrets?

10!! I'm a person that doesn't divulge much of anything---even if it were okay to talk about something and not a secret---over the fence gossip or giving out secrets---not my style!!!

Main Course
What's the closest you've ever been to a dangerous animal?

Years ago, in Yellowstone National Park ---when you could see all kinds of wildlife along the highways....and I'm talking years ago---when I was a teenager. Our whole family ---married brothers, mom and dad, sister and their families had a big to-do in the park. We had a caravan of cars and motor homes! Around one turn, there was a congested area of stopped cars, and we all knew it was either a buffalo, or an elk, or a bear or something. My oldest brother and I were out of our vehicles in nothing flat, and started walking ahead to see----he behind me with the 8 MM movie camera! As we drew closer to the crowd of humans, we looked where everyone else was looking and spotted a couple of cubs up a pine tree. Naturally, being a young girl and stupid, I climbed down the embankment while my big brother followed with the camera. I was snapping pictures with my kodak----pretty soon, my brother tapped me on my shoulder and yelled ---GET OUT of HERE!!----I didn't hesitate, I turned and ran right behind him all the way back to the cars!!!! As I slid through someone's opened car window ---I had a jerk on my foot. I sank into the seat as the person in the front was rolling up the window!!! (remember, these people I had no idea who they were---their car was just the closest on the highway---). I then had a chance to turn around and look ---it was a she bear...the mother of the cubs that was off eating while her kids were frolicking in the trees above her. Brother and I didn't see her 'til it was too late and she felt threatened and had killing or at least maiming on her mind!!!! We were human threats!!!! BUT, neat part of it is ---the bear chase was ALL on film!!! My brother still has it.

Living in Arizona---diamondback rattlesnakes were a given when walking in the desert. Once a gila monster, but they are soooooooo slow, they just startle me---not scare me.
And living in Texas---jellyfish? But I don't consider them dangerous.

When was the last time you lost your patience?

I really can't remember exactly WHEN....but I always lose patience when businesses don't do things according to my idea of good service and respecting a customer. So it's gotta be when some representative messed with me in business. I hate that.


  1. wow! I'm sure glad that bear didn't get you!

  2. Well that was close enough for me and I am sure close enough for you you learned a lesson from that!! Well at least I hope that you did. Mine is up too...Sandy

  3. Wow, that's a little too close for comfort for me! Great feast...I'm full!

  4. Hi Annie! WHEW! Delicious dining. If you have room, come to my table.

  5. Great feast. I am stuffed. That bear story was something I'll never forget now. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Thanks for the interesting answers today. I am deathly afraid of all snakes, so I would freak out if I saw a rattler...

    With all this "talent" maybe the SSG's should form a rock band? LOL..

    Just had a call from another realtor wanting to show the house tomorrow. They just keep a comin!..

    Happy Weekend, Anni! ((HUGZ!))

  7. holy cow that bear chase story is awesome!

    what did the people say when you jumped in there car? i just cant imagine being THAT close!

    i want to see that video now!

  8. Believe me, the people in the car had been outside watching the cubs also....but they weren't stupid like I was and going down, getting too close to her cubs....they HAD the window open FOR me!!!!

  9. Yummy feast!

    And I replied to your question in my blog (same entry). :)

  10. Wow you were braver than i would have been:) Snakes...not thanks i don't like them one bit!! Great feast Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day!!!

  11. Holy cow... I was scared just reading the bear part!!! Thanks for dropping by!

  12. WOW!

    You have to get that film on the internet.....

  13. Great feast! That's how my left hand is with a piano, that's why I like the electric keyboard. Cause you only need one figure from the left hand. :) Very entertaining feast, thank you.

    Thanks for stopping by. Have a great weekend.

  14. Wow. Beary scary story. I bet you had nightmares after that.

  15. Hmm. Yosemite sounds awful lot like a jungle. :P

    I'll have to be sure to be prepared even more so now than before.

  16. Great Friday Feast!
    A big yikes on the bear!
    To have it on film has to be rare.
    I enjoyed my visit.
    Have a wonderful day!
    (")_ (")Š

  17. Yikes. Don't try that at home kids!
    I do not have a piano either because of moving to a smaller place. I'm getting quite rusty now :(

  18. Great feast! My hubby has crossed paths with a few of those rattlers in Arizona too.. Yikes! Thanks for stopping by!

    Have a great Friday and weekend!

  19. Great Feast!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  20. Wow! that was a close call with the bear!
    Thanks for stopping by.

  21. What a fun feast and blog! Your music reminds me of visiting Cracker Barrells. That is a compliment..I cant wait to come back and visit!

  22. Hey Annie,

    Great feast. I'm completely with you about customer service these days. Love your site! Thanks for visiting mine.

  23. Exciting story of your bear meeting ! My first (and last) moose I saw in Yellostown parc 1971 ! No foreign tourists there at that time (besides me) and it was really very wild there. It's a wonderful park !

  24. What a great story! I'm sure your heart must have skipped a few beats! I forgot about the Gila Monsters. I haven't seen a Rattler, but at my MIL's she's about an hour outside of PHX, and we trapped and relocated a Gila Monster. My stupid EX-BIL at the time wanted to shoot it and my FIL who's from Texas said Hell no, we'll just move him!
    Excellent feast! I enjoyed myself.
    Happy Friday!
    My feast is served!

  25. Great feast! What a great story about Yellowstone. I'd like to go there someday. Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend! :-)

  26. Wow popular spot. Great feast.. thanks for stopping by.

  27. Wow, what a main course. You brought out the fine china for that one!!! Great story. I'd love to see that video.

    Great feast.

  28. Whooooooooo! What a story! Good thing you made it! LOL! Dennis' uncle Joe had bear that come through his yard up in Pennsylvania! We watched one come across the highway and walk right up to his birdfeeder and help himself! If that were MY house I would never go out in the yard! LOL! Now... if it was a lion... or a tiger... *w*

  29. Wow!!! That is scary! And I'm laughing at my dangerous animal (turkey) as I'm sure everyone else is.

    The funny part is that my young at the time son flew in the house to tell me that there was a huge animal in the woods. So I came out and we watched the big Turkey come out of the woods and toward us!

    Great feast!

  30. Your main course was the best. What a story teller you are. I was scared just reading it. That's great that it is all on film. What a thing to have for future generations. Great feast Anni. Thanks for sharing.

  31. Great feast - thanks a lot for serving!

    My feast is served @ Coffee 2 go - Please dine with me =)

  32. Wow...being chased by a Mama bear is not cool...well it is, but it's also darn dangerous.

    Awesome that you once did the piano too...I would like to just be able to read the music!

  33. great bear story, though im sure not great at the time. Though I will say you reminded me of the rattlers and diamondbacks on my parents golf course in AZ so I should have used that instead of silly dolphins

  34. Loved your feast...phewww...I'm glad you got away from that bare critter!!

  35. Such a great feast...omigosh, you are darn lucky you were able to outrun that bear, as it is, she was pretty close behind! As for mistaking someone for somebody else...I was in a movie theatre one time and we were filing out after the movie ended. I thought I knew the guy in front of me so I started poking in the back...he turned around...nope it wasn't who I thought it was! Eek! lol Hugs xox

  36. okay - that has got to be the best "wild animal" story I've read!!

    How cool you still have the film - I bet your grandkids love

    thanks for surfing by

  37. That is the scariest main course served up today!

  38. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your wild animal story tops mine by a mile! What a "hoot" your blog is. Thanks for the invite and the smiles.