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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out


Which television shows do you just refuse to miss?

Okay, I'm just shy of being 60 years old, and as long as I can remember---from the time my dad first brought home our very OWN television [you know the kind?----big huge wooden box that covered most of the wall---with a small 15" screen where the picture is? Ya, that kind!] --------Well, since back then, I HAVE NOT and WILL NOT miss The Academy Awards!!! Believe it or not, even since we've been married....the day is scheduled around the program. Work should be done, meal should be served, kitchen cleaned up---all before 7PM, on Oscar Night!!

Who did you last speak to on the telephone?

Using the phone is NOT my idea of fun. So, more than likely, for a 'conversation-type' call, it was with my sister. Over a week ago. Guess it's my turn to call her this weekend. Let me repeat...phones I don't use unless necessary. For necessity-- I had to call for a prescription! Ya, that was just a few days ago. No big deal tho.

How many pillows do you keep on your bed?

Six!! Yes, six. AND when the bed is not being used...there are three decorative pillows that's tossed on top.

Main Course
Name one addition to your computer (software, hardware, etc.) that you'd love to have.

I'm content with what I have. Guess I'm weird. But, for's not that much, in fact, the less I have the happier I am.

What is your favorite foreign food?

Oh that's not a fair question!! I love Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Jewish, German....Mexican. I love 'em all. I've been privileged in my lifetime to have two Mexican-American sisters-in-law. One, even tho they're divorced, I still consider my sister!!!------and she and I have been buds for decades!----She's taught me the REAL Mexican styles of cookin'. And if it's not hot enough to make you sweat while eating it---add more jalapenos!!!! So with that told, I guess I'd have to say Mexican. *walking off grumblin' 'cause that's not a fair question.......*


  1. hi anni!

    love your feast. and I agree that it's not a fair question!

    thanks for visiting and enjoy watching the Awards :)

  2. I gotta agree! It's NOT a fair question! I was havin' a hard time too! And I agree with ya on the phone situation too! I HATE that contraption -- and yet, it is a vital link between me and my loved ones! But I won't even answer it from THEM if I'm at the gym! LOL! (some of those ladies go flyin' off that circuit if their cell rings! NOT ME!)

  3. Hi Anni. Thanks for visiting me earlier. Hotdog pillows are long pillows with rounded corners. My son uses them.

    I love the way you said that the less you have, the happier you seem. It's a nice reflection of someone who is contented in life.

    I love Mexican food too esp. tacos and burritos.

  4. 9 pillows!!! :-o

    truly the US is the land of bountiful pillows...

    Thanks for dropping by!

  5. I agree the kitchen should be cleaned up by 7 but some nights we don't get to eat until then. Busy schedules i guess:P Thanks for stopping by Loved your feast.

  6. LOL....well, having the kitchen work done by 7 is ONLY on the OSCAR night.

  7. Great feast!
    I used to know a blogger that would be right with you on the hot stuff. I don't know how his stomach survived.
    Have a wonderful Weekend.
    Thanks for your visit to my feast.

  8. I loved your feast!

    I also like "real" Mexican food. I've surprised myself hot much hot I can take, being a real white-bread tenesseean by birth. I've been in TX since I was 10, though, so I've learned.

    great to be content! Philipians 4:12 came to mind when I read your Main Course.

    Have a great day and feast with me, too!

  9. I just love you blog! I need to put you in my sidebar! And *shock* you don't like the phone?? LOL Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    Have a great Friday!

  10. Great Feast!!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  11. Thanks for the comment on FF (fasten forward, lol) I don't know what happens with my link, you seem to be the only one, usually I have only one http and not two I am not that genorous !
    Of course I remember these old TV ! Although we already had cable TV in all houses in Belgium(it were put together with gaz and electricity cables) end 1960 (!) there were only one channel and TV broadcasting only from 6 pm on ! It was black and white, color came much later. Belgium still is the most TV cabled country in the world.
    Don't take everything so serious what I write, I just love to make fun out of everything. That's my nature !

  12. I used to make it a habit to watch the Oscars but the show just kept getting longer and longer. And longer lol!

    Have a terrific Friday, Anni!

  13. LOL! I had a friend who said her husband could tell she was mad at him, by how HOT his meal was.The Hotter it was the Madder she was at him.
    My husband doesn't like to talk on the phone either, he'd rather just get rid of ours. Except for prescriptions. If he wanted to talk to family he'd just rather visit them and talk face to face.
    I enjoyed my feast.
    Happy Friday!
    My Feast is Served

  14. Great feast...thanks for dropping by! : )

    Your dessert made me laugh.

  15. 9 pillows! We have 8. Plus a big size teddy. I really thought I'm the only one with many pillows!!

    My feast is served too. Please stop by my blog and enjoy.

    Happy feasting,
    I will exercise for comments!!!

  16. I too love the Awards! And you can never have too many pillows, can you! Great Feast! Thanks for dropping by :)

  17. Yay, Blogger is finally letting me comment! Great feast! I have a lot of pillows too:) And I agree with you on the dessert. There's just too much good food to go around! Have a wonderful weekend!

  18. Oh my god! Did you have to tell me that????!!!! Mexican food? The real stuff? I'm drooling all over the place now.

    - Someone handle me a BIG towel!

    When can I come? *lol*

  19. A good feast. I forgot to mention on my feast that there are 2 decorative pillows on top of what I use. I love mexican too. Jalapenos rock. Funny how it can make you sweat while eating it but so much more enjoyable that way.

  20. Nice feast. This blog looks like a lot of fun.

    I love Mexican food as well.

  21. I love your witty answers. A great light hearted personality comes through in them:-). Fun Feast Thanks for sharing..

  22. I hate using the phone too unless it's to talk to my hubby or mom. I'm a lot better at communicating with written words and I can hide behind my computer!

  23. Thanks for dropping by. My phone has a habit of ringing just as we have sat down for dinner.....and often the need for the call is far from urgent. Never mind hey!

  24. You probably never have a phone bill to pay unlike in our home...landline and mobile!!! love your dessert. You should post some of your fav mexican recipes :-)

    Thanks for stopping by my feast!!!

  25. I too am not fond of the telephone. I'm on it much of the day for work, so I am always glad not to have to be on it afterward.

    Thanks for looking into a graphic for that blogroll...I'll link it up when you have will be very cool for us half century folks....