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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Each time I actually stop to listen to the nightly national news I cringe. And I am truly going against my own convictions here with talkin' about politics or religion....I feel that each has their own opinions of either, and they should be, more often than not, kept to oneself. Afterall, religion and politics (and/or wealth) are what have started wars throughout time. I always skip over blogs' comments when they are talking either of the two for I strongly think that my thoughts are others leaving comments about either of the two really is not good protocol. And 99% of the time, I feel if you can't say anything good, or agreeable---don't say anything at all. To me, or visa versa.

I don't believe in preaching my religious or political emotions--rarely, if ever, commenting thoughts or beliefs to anyone. And for this blog entry, I'm doing neither. My religious beliefs or, stating my political views in any way isn't something I would normally do. The other day, I was reading a site that had a lot of Bushisms and I faithfully read through them all, and thoroughly enjoyed them ---not for the fact that they are 'against' anyone, but the fact that they show me an enthusiastic mind. I then, went out to Google and did a search for more....I came upon these bumper stickers and thought they were good. For ME to READ!!! Not for anyone else's opinions. You too are entitled to your own thoughts and beliefs---I'm not preaching or trying to sway anyone. For me, I wanted to jot down a few for memories in my blog so I can someday look back on them, without anyone commenting---

And afterward, completing my reading, there was one quote from a movie that I thought of...tho, it really has nothing to do with our current president at all....the quote is still fitting for the bumper stickers tho---in wording only.

It's from Crocodile Dundee. And he and his lady reporter who's covering Dundee's Australian adventures of being a crocodile hunter ---well, the two are sleeping in the bush while out and about on a walk-about, and at night, a bushman comes to their camp.---------yada, yada,---when the bushman leaves in the dark...the next thing you hear is a big clunk as the bushman hits a tree....the bushman says "I hate the bush!!!" Okay, see? It has nothing to do with anything other than a word.

And Bumper Stickers come and go with each presidential term. Pros and Cons. I still enjoy viewing them --EACH of the good or bad views, 'cause it shows ingenuity, and most often for me, comedy relief - again, both FOR and AGAINST.

Well, actually---personally? I love the cartoon sketches most of all...................

I saw these, and thought they were a hoot!!! And again, it shows me the working of some great minds whether they're for or against. I'm still looking for recent stickers that are FOR Bush. If I find some, I will add them here for my memory of a soon to come political year ahead of us.

Here are dozens more. If you're a "bush"man ---don't take your Land Rover over, Grover---you'll just upset your chasis and break your crankcase!!! And may I add, a "pro" Bush search for bumper stickers is still in the works--but with the drop in support for our man, there are very few to be had, except for the older ones back in 2004.